the fabric of women

The Fabric of Women individual an beautiful

Beauty, diversity, lust, dignity, as well as self-esteem, social and cultural demands - these are just some of the issues brought to light in a special way by these objects.

The subject of the relief-objects made of cloth and clay is the Vulva, or better, the Yoni.

("Yoni" is the tantric-sanscrit word for the female womb which is considered sacred)

Schnürer has been working for the past 25 years as a performing physical artist, as well as studying and cultivating different types of bodywork and the art of touch. With this project, she has moved into the field of fine arts - once again exploring body-poetry.

In her pictures she succeeds in an unpretentious, elegant  and sensual way to find a balance between the obvious and the alienating.

She creates pictures which are not primarily erotic, nor cheesy, which do not belittle, nor embarrass.

They are touching because of the contrast between unobtrusive plainness and a provocation through this unfamiliar motif. The pictures invite openness and allow for space.


There are various possibilities to interact with the project "The fabric of women"

  • Buy an individual piece or as a series and make it visible in your studio, practise room or house. The idea is to  support a more thoughtful, and free speech about sexuality.
  • Themes of series are currently  DIVERSITY and STAGES OF UNFOLDING
  • Let´s organise an EXIBITION in your Studio or Space

  • Exibition "The fabric of women" together with the interactive performance "room of poetry"  or "lyrical talk" 


o works made of linen, silk and velvet, clay and glazed ceramics

Measure Works with cloth (framed):

o   12 x 17cm on top ca. 1cm frame 

Measure  Ceramics

o   17-19 x 13cm 

o    22 x 13cm

o    29 x 20cm

Prices single Ceramics 

290,- small

360,-€ middle

450,-€ big

on top taxes and shipping 

Prices for works with cloth including frame

between 240,- und 280,- € on top taxes and shipping 


o   handmade frames covered with whitegold, for hanging

o   Metall silver coverage; for standing, this frame is only available for some  works

Themes for series

Series: Unfolding

Series: Diversity

(Prices vary with measure and material)

(By buying a series you support  the organisation 10%of Dr. Denis Mukwege,  with 10% of the total price. Mukwege has been honored 2018 with the Nobel Price of piece for supporting women in Kongo


You can make a personal request  for a pice in cloth or ceramics

Price up from 470,-