since 2015   Die wilden Schwäne/wild swans, fairytale by Andersen/ Thomas Brasch 

actress/ choreographer at KRESCH, Krefeld- children and youth theater, Premiere 12./2015

Director: Franz Mestre

since 2015   Anton. Feeding Demons. 

Theaterdance with objects, solo by and with Claudia Schnürer

A women pieces together the fragments of her grandfathers life. Exploring the resonance of trauma in the following generations.

Premiere Juni 2015 in Cortona, Italy

12/2014  Iphygenie meets Electra, Cooperation between Academia dell´Arte and Archi Company/ Noble Association in Colcatta, India

since 2013  too HIGH too LOW too FAR  by Cie. dreifrauendietanzen,, director: Franz Mestre/Pivoting Theater

Circus-theater about love, losses and courage - on the ground, in tango and  in the air, Premiere  07/13 in Schaulust Bremenas part of "Offroad Festival", amongst others: theaterfestivals in Osnabrück, Löhne, Mülheim, Frankfurt (Sommerwerft), Görlitz (Via Thea), Berlin (Theaterforum Kreuzberg)

since  2006  das Vorlesezimmer/ room of poetry

by and with  Claudia Schnürer

an inter active lyrical project for one person at the time, reading performancein about the big questions of life, between the poles of public space and intimate encounter

Streettheaterfestivals in Munich (Tollwood), Görlitz (Via Thea), Karlsruhe (Tollhaus), Bremen (La Strada), Koblenz (BUGA) and others

2003-2008   Cie. Oko Sokolo-today´s circus mit living room

Circus - theater,  Story of a couple in love- on and around a tight wire

Around 200 performances in dinnershows  and on international circus- theater festivalsund auf internationalen  in D,NL, BE,GB, CH, P, FR

(also at Cirque de Demain Festivals, Paris)

1999-2004   Cie. Flamme Fatale

Dance juggling and dance-comedy mit performances in Varietés like Chamäleon Varieté, Berlin, Kristallpalast, Leipzig Circus Theater  Circus Balloni, CH, Gala events and street theaterfestivals in D, NL, A, CH

1994- 2008   travelling with various circus - theater projects

in Middle and South Amerbic, like Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentinia and

in Germany

since 1994    performances on tour in 16 countries

and more to come...


2016-2018    Folkwang Universität

Fachbereich Physical Theatre

2009-2015   Accademia dell´Arte, Arezzo, Italien

Program Director of Undergraduate Theatre

2005-2009   Berliner Schule für Schauspieler

Akrobatik für Schauspieler

seit 2004     Wolrkshops

organic acrobatics - Feldenkrais &Akrobatik

u.a. Tanzfabrik, Berlin,

Shintai, Köln

seit 1998 Unterricht in Akrobatik, Bewegung, Seiltanz

FELDENKRAIS Bodywork, Somatic Practice

since 2019 Feldenkrais - Studio Schnürer, Essen

2016-2018 Group classes and individual sessions at Folkwang University of Arts, Essen, Physical Theatre department

2009-2015 Feldenkrais for musicians,  dancers, actors an der Accademia dell´Arte, in Arezzo, Italien

seit 2006 Personal Coaching/ Workshopreihen "Feldenkrais&Akrobatik" + "Organic Acrobatics"

2005-2006 Studio for Medicin and Bodywork, Berlin (Feldenkrais, Shiatsu, Allgemein Medizin)