Current teaching

Currently full-time faculty at the

Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany

Physical Theatre Department


Feldenkrais & Acrobatics

in Cologne

23.+24. January.13.+14., February, 5.+6. March 2016


It´s not such a long way from the gentle exploration of micro-moves to dynamic acrobatics!

How do we bridge these apparent contradictions?

In the Feldenkrais lessons we look into the details of a movement.

We explore the qualities and options and create a “fine-tuned” body.

Physical limitations are accepted and no movement is forced. 

Through a process of focused examination and awareness-creation, our movement-quality and coordination inevitably change for the better. 

The range of movement grows from the inside out. When small movements become stress-free and integrated, this quality can spread out in space and dynamic.

led by Claudia Schnürer

a new theme each weekend

workshops will be related, but can also be booked separately!

23./24. JANUARY´16

with Feldenkrais to 

rolling, handstands and dynamic partner acrobatics

Half of the secret of smooth movement lies in well-coordinated weight shifting.

There is no better place to explore this secret than in rolling. We will take a close look at all the details and elements, forms and body surfaces. 

Doing this, we get acquainted with the ground. The floor can´t get softer, but our bodies can! Being upside down fascinates us- and can make us pretty nervous, even fearful.

Again we will look into the details of the whole palette of movement. We explore transitions and the integrated cooperation of head/ hand to feet. 

“En passant” we find many playful and fancy variations.

13./14. FEBRUARY´16

with Feldenkrais to

headstands and  cartwheels in many variations

We explore the mobility of our pelvis and the details of weight shift, balance and being upside down.

How can we coordinate the movement of head and pelvis, integrate the whole spine and take advantage of all its potential movement?

How can visualisation help to clarify the coordination of movement? A well-imagined cartwheel will lead you to a well-executed cartwheel;-)!

We will approach everything with a playful attitude, try out a lot of different things, and invent variations and transitions in solo as well as in partner work.

5./6. March´16

with Feldenkrais 

to rolling, bridges and dynamic partnering

Feldenkrais lessons help us to explore central functions such as weight shifting to rolling, arching and rounding.

Which body parts are participating and how can we invite more to join in?

Our rolling will become softer and more refined. Our range of movement will widen. Shoulder bridges, head bridges as well as classical bridges will become gentler or maybe even possible for the first time. This will lead us towards elegant partner exercises.

All workshops address experienced and less-experienced people.

You can use it for establishing a fine and broad foundation, or fine-tune your skills and enrich your vocabulary.


Where:Sportstudio Shintai, Grüner Weg, Köln-Ehrenfeld

Time: 11-17h

Costs: 1 weekend between 80-120 Euro, depending on your income/means 

All three workshops cost between 180,- and 360,- Euro 

Cancellation: a fee of 30 Euro, is payable up to a week before the event, 70,- Euro, after this unless you find a replacement


Application: Your place is secured after having paid the fee.



Please spread the word to all interested people, movement lovers, dancers and whoever might be interested.

Looking forward to sharing our work!

warm greetings, 

Claudia and Bernadette

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