Anton. Feeding Demons.



theaterdance with objects

Solo by and with Claudia Schnürer

A woman pieces together the fragmented memory of her grandfather Anton´s life. She takes the objects which carry his memory into her hands. On stage they become alive and unfold into metaphors of his life and the story he might have had.

Anton. Feeding Demons. follows the subtle feeling, something went wrong years before, something that is lying in the dark, something that has not been expressed and there is is no one left to speak of what happened. The unresolved traumas seem to be handed down to the next generations, stuck in the very cells, still resonating, sitting there like hungry demons lurking in the shadow.

Drawn into the stories by the objects, the women slides into the roles of the young, adolescent and old Anton; into the role of his foster father, and a woman, she is more sensing, then knowing for certain about. She intuits the situations and encounters Anton has told her about, and those he did not mention. As his granddaughter, she explores and, on this journey, feeds his and her own inner demons.

In the course of the evening, as the theaterdance progresses, something she always suspected to be crooked finally falls into place. Ultimately, there evolves the vision of a balance.  In this fragile, poetic image she creates (the possibility of) a new, moveable balance integrating opposing forces in life, in oneself, and in our families.

Idea/ choreography /performance: Claudia Schnürer (D)

assistance/research: Grace K. Woodford (USA) 

Anton´s life and stages:

* born in Budapest, Hungary  - + in the Rhineland, Germany -  two world wars -  his father, a trumpet player, dies, when A. is still a baby. The mother feels constrained to give A. to a foster family to be able to work.- A painful childhood – Aged 14 A. leaves Hungary and goes to Slovakia. Still an adolescent he starts working as a mineworker, and stays for many decades. – He  marries, they have two daughters and a son.- In the forties  he has to escape and hide in the woods, as many other Germans in Slovakia. Towards the end of the war escape from Slovakia, refugee camps in south Germany, eventually they find a new home in the Rhineland.- In his last years:  few words, a big collection of stamps, and pressed flowers and leaves,  constructing delicate handcraft, amongst them many Mobilèes.

Many thanks  for eyes, ears and thoughts to

Anna-Katharina Andrées, Melanie Neu, Jon Kellam, Giorgio Rossi

for the music to:

Christin  and Markus Dross

for the hospitality to:

Aldo Riboni, to Spazioseme (Arezzo) and Dino (Cortona)

for  facilitating rehearsals at Arezzo, Italy, to:

Accademia dell´Arte

- Stage dimensions: ideally min. 6m wide x5m depth x at 4m hight,

other than that can be discussed

- Lights- a simple version:

withe/yellow lights(2), green/blue atmosphere (2), red (1 or 2)

- 3 Hooks for each ca 5 kg weight from above

2 Hooks on back of stage from left to right

- Soundsystem

Where + When

05/06/2015 CS367, Cortona, Italy

07/06/2015 Spazioseme, Arezzo, Italy

50  Minutes


- 1 performer,1 technician

- Indoor production